Architectural Representation of San Juan Bautista Mission

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This gallery is a photo representation of classical Mission Architecture as well as Mission Landscape. For some religious people, Missions are a holy and sacred place of worship established in the 1700s. However to others, these Missions are a place of tyranny and  religious prejudice of Native Californians of Indigenous descent.

By uploading this gallery of shots taken from the Mission of San Juan Bautista, I don’t credit either side of what a mission may represent. This isn’t about sacred religion or about tyranny and prejudice, for once we will let the Mission represent itself and tell its story through architectural design and craft.

It is a privilege to be able to see these works of advanced architectural craft and I urge all people, religious or not to go explore California’s amazing Missions along The Camino Real. The story this Mission tells is more than what it seems, letting the architecture speak allows for us to learn from past generations and be inspired to create subtle beauty in this world.


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